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Start your Bare Bones Society + Streets Ahead Cafe house account and get free credit

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  • Bonus credit is valid for 3 years
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We are excited to introduce House Accounts – our new way of rewarding loyal guests. By opening a House Account, you pre-purchase a few meals and we give you: personalized VIP treatment when you visit the restaurant, access to exclusive perks and events, and (you’re gonna love this) free dining credit! That’s right, every time you add money to your House Account, we give you free credit to spend at the restaurant. It’s a new level of VIP.
How to get started:
1. Choose your preferred House Account option
2. As soon as you complete your purchase you'll be prompted to download the inKind App
3. Start redeeming your credit at Bare Bones and Streets Ahead Cafe


*House Accounts can be used to pay for food, beverage, alcohol and private events. Please note that we'd appreciate a maximum spend of $500 per transaction when using your House Account.
  • – Bare Bones Society + Streets Ahead Cafe Team

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